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Unparalleled Flexibility

If you're like most businesses, accepting credit cards means losing a dizzying 3-5% right off the top. That's a large part of anyone's margin, and can have a significant impact on your ability to grow. Thanks to Towing Payment Solutions, towing companies across the country are now utilizing Xpress-pay, saving thousands of dollars on processing fees for credit cards.


The best part? The fee to use Xpress-pay is $10 per month: no other
statement fees or monthly charges! Your customer pays the portal fee & transaction fee, and your company receives 100% of your sale.

This innovative service allows you to pay one flat monthly fee to accept an unlimited number of credit card transactions for free. That's right: you keep 100% of every payment made, and the funds are deposited into your account within two business days!

What is needed to use Xpress-pay?

Xpress-pay is an entirely cloud-based portal: you don't need any special app or any type of software to utilize this product! You'll receive a link to your company's customized portal where your customers will follow directions to make their payment. The link is accessible on any device that has an internet connection!

"I'm ready to enroll!
What do I need?"

Enrollment is done completely online, at your convenience! You will need to have four items ready and scanned in order to expedite the process.

1) A photo I.D. (Driver's License is preferred)

2) Copy of your business license

3) Federal I.D. Number (SSN if operating as a DBA) 

4) Copy of a cancelled check

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Have questions? No problem!
We would love to discuss with you how Xpress-pay could make a positive impact for your business and your options you have for accepting credit cards. Not only do we support this product, but we use it daily ourselves and would love the opportunity to share with you what makes Xpress-pay such a valuable portal for credit card processing for our company! 
We are a Full-Service
Credit Card Processing Company

Towing Payment Solutions offers all conventional countertop equipment and supplies. If you are looking for the full package as it relates to credit card processing, we've got you covered!

Fax us (877-532-1235your existing credit card statement and receieve a free analysis on how we can help you save money!
We will show you your potential savings when using the services Towing Payment Solutions can provide you.

Contact us to see how TPS will help you!

The program is known for its ease of use and flexibility. Call us today for details!

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