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The TPS Difference

As towing professionals, we are sure you're tired of chasing customers for payment after every job, the hassles of processing payments over the phone, and the headaches your employees complain of over the frustrations. We have your solution!

Using our processes, you can simplify the way you process credit cards, and make it easy for your customers to submit payment (reducing their excuses). Towing Payment Solutions offers full electronic payment system packages for your towing company. From countertop payments to mobile portals & swipe systems, allow us to help ensure your business is set up to accept e-payments easily without frustration.

Your customer pays the portal fee & transaction fee, and your company receives 100% of your sale. Receive these benefits for just $10 per month! This allows your staff to focus on dispatching trucks into the field faster, and you can focus on growing your bottom line!


Our portal is easy to learn and straightforward to use. We will walk you through enrollment and supply you with the tools to perfect accepting online payments. All ePayments, online and mobile, will be managed through one account! The portal can be used with your current credit card processor.  


Our safe, fully PCI compliant credit card processing portal can be completed on any device, desktop computer, or mobile unit. Your employees never have to see the credit card, eliminating risk to your business! Your customers will appreciate the ease of our system.


Your customers can access the link to your portal from any device connected to the internet! A link can be sent through email or text message or embedded into your company's website. Whether at your office or roadside, you can accept payment anywhere!

Why is 'PCI Compliant' Important?

As of October 2015, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard was adjusted to ensure that all companies accepted credit cards in a secure environment. 

Prior to 2015, if there was a breach in a customers credit card usage, the credit card company would automatically take care of the charges. Since this change in October, if there is a breach and the credit card company can prove that your company is responsible for said breach, your company is responsible for the fraudulent charges.

Being PCI compliant is especially important for companies today in order to protect yourself from these situations. Extra caution must be taken to prevent potential breaches from costing you money! Towing Payment Solutions and XPress-Pay will ensure that you're PCI compliant when used properly.

What's Included?
Personalized Merchant

Your merchant portal will be personalized with your company logo and color scheme for a refined, professional experience for your customers. All payments will be set up to transfer directly into your bank account, giving you less to worry about! 

Strictly Online Payments & Invoicing

Is your accounting department swamped? Let our payment portal simplify things for you. We will set you up with one-time or recurring payment options in order to improve cash flow and reduce late or missed payments! 

Site Fees for your Customers

It is your choice to set the site fee which will help off-set your transaction fees charged by the credit card processor. The portal will change your customers this site fee, improving your bottom line.

We are a Full-Service
Credit Card Processing Company

Towing Payment Solutions offers all conventional countertop equipment and supplies. If you are looking for the full package as it relates to credit card processing, we've got you covered!

Fax us (877-532-1235your existing credit card statement and receieve a free analysis on how we can help you save money!
We will show you your potential savings when using the services Towing Payment Solutions can provide you.

Contact us to see how TPS will help you!

The program is known for its ease of use and flexibility. Call us today for details!

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