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Towing Payment Solutions believes in the power of this card processing product, and CEO Bill Johnson has personally experienced the difference that this new portal makes for billing. Having owned a towing business, Hampshire Towing, for the past 35 years, Bill Johnson has experienced the struggle of exorbitant credit card processing fees that had a hard impact on his bottom line. When this payment system was brought to Hampshire Towing, he immediately saw an increase in on-time payments and less hassle for his employees while collecting payment.

It is Bill & Jason's mission to introduce this powerful credit card processing tool to all those in the towing industry. When you reach out to Towing Payment Solutions, you will be speaking with Bill and Jason personally. Bill is happy to elaborate on the incredible effect it's had for his companies. Let us help you improve your business today!

Our Team
Bill Johnson - Towing Payment Solutions
William E. Johnson, CEO | 413-534-5373

Jason Fernandez - Towing Payment Solutions
Jason E. Fernandez | 413-437-7371

Bill is a successful leader, business owner, entrepreneur, and financial manager with over 35 years of owning and operating multiple businesses in the automotive and towing related industries. He has founded and developed a towing company (Hampshire Towing), an auto body & repair business (Pleasant Street Auto), an accident scene remediation business (Amber Scene Clean), a home heating oil business (Amber Energy, Inc.) and a credit card processing company (Towing Payment Solutions) into enterprises grossing over 5 million dollars in sales per year.

Bill has served as the President of the Statewide Towing Association of MA since 2003, and was a primary contributor to the establishment of the "Towing Services Rotation National Standard" for the National Towing & Recovery Association. He has served as an expert witness with regard to automotive towing and recovery knowledge to testify in court cases. Most recently, Bill was inducted to the International Towing Hall of Fame in 2013, and honored as "Towman of the Year" by American Towman Magazine in 2015.

Jason, a proud father of two, began his career in the towing industry in 2004 as a part-time tow truck operator for Hampshire Towing in MA. As his time with Hampshire Towing lapsed, he was able to navigate through the company into dispatching and outside sales. Jason found a niche in the trespass towing accounts department, where he added over 500 accounts in a two year time period.

After noting his potential, his boss, Bill Johnson, promoted him to leading his credit card processing department. Jason discovered XPress-Pay while in this position, and brought it to Hampshire Towing hoping to improve the company’s bottom line. His belief in the product only grows by the day as he sees how Xpress-Pay has a positive impact on the towing industry. Jason currently works for both Towing Payment Solutions and Hampshire Towing as a sales representative. He regularly frequents towing industry conventions across the country and advocates on behalf of towing companies.

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